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Friends Only [Friday
September 23rd, at 12:16am]

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oh happy day [Wednesday
September 21st, at 8:38pm]
[ mood | hyper ]

school was quite amusing today.
i was late, alarm clock didnt go off
so i rolled out of bed and threw random clothes on
made it just in time for 1st period, but i also had a pair of boxers in my jeans
quite uncomfortable. and i didnt know about it until 3rd when heidi pointed it out to me, embarrassing to say the least
turned in all of the homework that i owed
quiz in global. which was so not talked about, like a moron i point that out. mrs. g chimes in "thats why its called a pop quiz" lame to the max. but luckily i have been keeping up with the news so it was easy anyway
in gym they all played volleyball. i get to go a pamphlet on it and keep score
sara got nailed in the face. it was funny as hell
she plays volleyball, so it was ok to laugh
i forgot my lunch. had some chicken patty for lunch. it was actually pretty good
after school we were standing in the lot and dave backs into my car like a moron
no damage. but pretty funny. i stole someones phone and pretended to call the cops, he was freaking out. i thought he was gonna kill me

/end story

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oh yeah [Tuesday
September 20th, at 9:19pm]
[ mood | relaxed ]

oh no?

new layout. and i found it myself. its way rad. new icon too. it had to match :)

made some killer food for dinner. i still have homework to do and im procrastinating. oh well, i dont care

i have nothing interesting to say. comments are love


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it has been far too long [Saturday
September 17th, at 6:38pm]
[ mood | bored ]

i now have a slight dislike for airplanes.
i only vomited, and then got the staredown for it. come on people, like u never threw up in your life. glad me and my dad drove back. i wasnt going to re-live that experience
i start therapy on monday now. i cant wait to get to be running again. i have felt like a big giant blob. i have cut out alot of things. eating more healthy. eating pizza wont help me lose all the weight i gained over the summer.
i have a slight obsession with bubble wrap. if i see it i must pop it. i cant help it, it just screams to be popped
i have way too much work to catch up on. i probally shouldnt even be typing this, but instead doing my work. oh well, i needed a break. not that i wont get one soon for dinner. oh well
i got a new ps2. thank goodness. life without video games was not fun. i got madden and nascar too, well nascar is being shipped out, but i will have it soon

i am wearing suspenders again, for the 2nd day in a row. they are quite comfortable

offf to do some homework

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hooray [Wednesday
September 7th, at 4:04pm]
[ mood | happy ]

so i woke up at 6 this morming expecting to have to cover my stupid books. but it turns out my mom had done them for me. so i wrote whitney an e-mail while i at my breakfast and then went back to sleep for an hour. got up at 7:30, showered, put on clothes and drove myself to my dr appt. i get to start therapy next week. for now i get to just start moving my foot around. im just glad that i get to start therapy. so after that i went to school and went down to see my guidance counsler and got my schedule fixed. no more latin for me! instead i got study hall now. makes me happy, gives me time to do some homework or whatever. one less class for me to worry about.

time to go do some homework

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school sucks [Tuesday
September 6th, at 5:59pm]
[ mood | content ]

today was the first day. i have latin? why i have no idea. i have no intrest in learning latin. if i did, i would have taken it already. but other then that my schedule is good. my one hard class is anatomy. that will be fun our books are massive. homework on the first day. it sucks majorly. at least it isnt a ton of it. my clothing was quite the talk. i was pretty groovy if i do say so myself. just wait til they see the rest of the week :)

im sure everyone is tired of reading about it and talking about it, but i havent said much and for many reasons. so IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO READ ABOUT WHAT I HAVE TO SAY ABOUT THE HURRICANE JUST STOP READING NOW.
my dad packed the truck of water and food and left a few days ago to do what he could. the man is my hero. he has been since i was a kid. i sort of lost sight of that til 9-11. he was so thoughtless of himself and just wanted to do anything he could to help other people. and it was again the same thing here. so i did alot of thinking on friday and ended up giving $500 to the red cross, i know its not the biggest contribution. but its all i had. those people need the money more then i do. and im sad that i cannot do more to help. i cant imagine being one of those people. i dont know what i would be feeling or thinking. anyway, that is enough of that.

ive started eating more healthy. enough of all the crap ive been eating. i put on way too much weight this summer and if my coach ever finds out he may just shoot me. speaking of which i must figure out what i want for dinner

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awfulness [Saturday
August 27th, at 6:34am]
[ mood | hot ]

i hate being sick
it is the worst ever
im feeling slighly better
more sleep today, hopefully kick this thing soon
im the worst sick person

people with bug eyes make me smile

mtv vma's are on tomorrow.
i will be watching
like a moron i thought today was sunday
oh well

i want waffles and oj like whoa

i havent stopped listening to my jacks mannequin cd.
thats the one upide of being sick
and i got waited on
now my mom is like u are a bit better get it yourself

so sorry i havent updated or left comments

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uh yeah [Sunday
August 21st, at 11:09am]
[ mood | cold ]

lets ignore that post from last night. im a moron sometimes and just write crap because i can. and lets face it it is my journal so of course im going to vent. i woke up early today and mad some waffles. they were damn good. nice and fluffy, just perfect. as of now i have no plans to do anything. maybe ill go back to bed and sleep. or who knows there may actually be something interesting on tv. i somehow doubt that. or a swim. im sure ill think of something

its freezing in here. which is a nice change of pace considering how all i have been doing lately was griping about hot damn hot it is in here all the time

i still have to ask around and see if anyone wants to go to cedar point halloween weekend. im sure people will be down for it, just because its something to do other then some lame ass party where everyone just gets drunk and pukes anyway.

my foot has been feeling really good. no pain at all. so im glad about that. i need to never do anything like that again. it was not fun. well it was til i hit the tree. no more doing that near any trees or rocks or anything i can get hurt on.

kate called this morning to let me know everything is cool down there and how rad her roomate is and al that other garbage. im glad she likes it, and is having a good time

i think im going to lay under the covers and get warm. maybe get a few more hours of shut eye. the 3 i got was not enough. night night

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bored to the max [Sunday
August 21st, at 2:16am]
[ mood | bored ]

so i worked this morning. its nice to be dong that again. though it does suck to be stuck on register. i miss wandering around and doing nothing. soon enough i will be doing that again. after work i came home and showered and made some calls. found someone to go out with me. she came and got me and we went off to find my clothes. suprisingly i got quite a bit of stuff. and i was overly excited about it. so the first day of school is going to be awesome.

i am bored out of my mind. at least some people in the world are having fun.

i looked foward to talking to someone all day. the time came and i sort of just felt brushed aside. and that isnt said to be a guilt trip or any of that crap. they have a friend over i know that. and i dont want them to be rude. but it sort of sucks at the same time. oh well i will get over it. i must. im so lame. i swear.

i have no idea. life can be confusing.

im just the confusing one

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sweet [Friday
August 19th, at 11:48pm]
[ mood | cold ]

started working. im glad, the sitting around on my ass was way no good for me. everyone at work missed me. i got to sit on a stool, it was rad

woke up to a new vehicle in the driveway? needless to say i was excited. its not the greatest thing in the world but it is still nice nonetheless. its a blue 2000 corolla. so yeah not that bad. it needs some work. the passanger seat is a bit torn up and the same with the headliner. but oh well. i cant drive it til my foot is better. so no sense in getting all excited about it yet

tomorrow, more work in the morning til 1. then its home for nothing. because i have no plans like usual. maybe ill call someone and see if they want to hang out. i hate being bored and sitting at home.

i bought gummy worms today. people asked for some. i said if u lick my shoe. and they madea face. so i was like then no now shoo

and i got into a fight with katrina. nothing new there. ps, we broke up too. im also done with fighting with her. she wishes to never talk ot me again, i can live with that. its better then all the bickering i get with her. and now i wont be made to feel like shit.

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sadness [Wednesday
August 17th, at 3:47pm]
[ mood | sad ]

kate is gone
my best friend
florida sucks
out of state colleges should cost a billion dollars
i gave her a present, told her she wsnt allowed to open it til she got there
i know it will be on her wall
she will call being shocked
because my present is that amazing
i also made her a mixed cd
which has some of the best songs ever mad on it
its already so weird without her here

now i will shut up

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doogie what? [Wednesday
August 17th, at 4:18am]
[ mood | contemplative ]

ok time for a real entry. it will never be as long as some people, because i am a loser and run out of things to say
im sad. my friends have started to slowly go away. kate leaves tomorrow at 2. i have no idea how i feel about this. other then it sucks majorly. i dontk now what im going to do without her. its like im losing my best friend. we have been friends since way back when. its going to be weird not having her just come over and hang out. why do people have to go so damn far away for college? im glad that i at least got to spend alot of time with her today and we are hanging out til she leaves tomorrow. stupid college
i hate when my friends start dating. talk about akward situations. if a group of us go out its just not the same if some of them are dating. it would be like me and kate dating. which people assume i do on a daily basis anyway. im sorry if we are just really good friends and that cool. i dont see myself ever dating kate. we are great friends. shes going to college. she will find way cuter guys then me. and shes never showed any sort of intrest ever in me. and im ok with that, because i would rather not mess up this amazing friendship we do have

i still have yet to get a birthday present from my mom and dad. and honestly it makes me sad. i have never not gotten a present from them. and i have no idea why i havent gotten one yet. it makes no sense to me. unless its hiding somewhere and i just havent found it. but that doesnt make sense. they never hide my presents. major sadness. no presents :(
the month of august is going by way too fast. i cant believe its almost time for school again. i am a bit worried about it. i have no idea what classes i have. i have no idea who is in any of my classes. i will be pissed if i have to go from one side of the school to the other every period like i did my freshmen year and first semester last year. i am excited for wrestling and to see if i get captain. and to see the freshmen and see their stuff. i just have to bust my ass once i start rehab with my foot to make sure im good to go. which i will be, because im not missing out on this. its my senior year.
i think i bought every thing i need for school. but i sure ill think of something last minute. no wait, i have yet to buy my 70s clothes. i still must do that and make someone come with me. but other then that i think im good.
i still have ice cream cake leftover. man i have been eating that stuff by the pieces. im suprised not more people touched it at the party. my friends tend to be pigs, but maybe they just stuffed themselves on th other food first. im not complaining, more for me
i think my cat is sick :( she has been acting really weird all day. and been really cuddly which is unlike her. so i think i may need to take her to the vet. i just hope shes ok. i dont want anything to be wrong with her, shes such an awesome cat.
i watched the teen choice awards. i despise awards shows. the best part about them is the musical performances. i watch every awards show though. so i know what the hell people are talking about. would rather know and be able to participate then have to make a new cooler topic and people stare at me because they dont want to talk about my awesome topic like transformers. which reminds me. i miss gwen from her no doubt days, she looked way better. i was rather unimpressed by simple plans preformance. and i changed the channel on the others. however after the show i turned to later in the nigh and saw simple plan on that concert series they are doing. and i was far more happy with that performance.
i get to go in for a check-up with the doctor tomorrow morning. i should be in bed, but of course i am not. i was, but the stupid stomach ache woke me.
my dad decided to have another wonderful talk with me about the military. for once it wasnt "u must do it because i say so" so i was really happy. it was nice to just sit down and talk to him about how things were for him. get the information i wanted. i am honestly thinking about it. i told him i would at least do that and talk with some recruiters. i think hes happy that im willing to go that far for him.
im really critical of my dad sometimes. its just hard for me. i know he is an important guy and without him people would die. and everytime i get mad i always end up remembering one thing. and then i feel like the biggest asshole alive. my dad is a great man. the is my hero, even though i never have told anyone. i wish i was half the man he is

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ow [Wednesday
August 17th, at 3:58am]
[ mood | uncomfortable ]

i have the worlds worst stomach ache.

i was sleeping and it woke me up

stupid stomach

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its that time of year [Monday
August 15th, at 5:10pm]
[ mood | happy ]

sorry for the lack of updates, its been a busy weekend. i hung out with a bunch of friends on saturday and we had a cookout and watched movies. they picked me up like they were going to throw me in but put me down on the deck before doing so. it was a fun night. i dont remember the last time we all hung out like that. so it was nice to have the gang together again. it makes me both glad and sad that school is starting. a bunch of people leave this week to head off to their places. and then the rest of us start sept.
sunday, went to breakfast with mom and dad then came back to the house to find a party. damnit, i totally forgot about it. so i was actually suprised. which was a nice change. no present from mom and dad. its coming today. so now i really wonder what the hell it is. i got movie passes, some clothes, dvs, a mixed cd from kate, pudding, paper towels, ice cream cake, gift certificates, and the biggest card ive ever seen. all in all it was a really great day.
today. i worked out this morning. then took a shower and went to wendys with nick and dave. and then headed back here. they started calling up people who have slowly made their way here. we are going to hit a movie and then get some ice cream after.

P.S. its my birthday

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what the hell is going on here? [Friday
August 12th, at 6:32am]
[ mood | okay ]

its 6 am and i am awake. i have no idea why. no, im not tired. yes, i do wish i was. so now because i am awake u all get a wonderful pointless update. i think im goin to make a list. and i dont even know of what. just things. so now we begin!

1. i <3 belts. i have a ton of them
2. i watch too much tv. damn it for being so addictive and having good shows
3. i want to read more, but dont because i get bored
4. im too skinny. and its all wrestlings fault. if i weighed more i would get owned. all these guys dropping weight to wrestle us lighter guys.
5. i wish i could wrestle in college. i just dont think im good enough
6. i love re-runs of old shows. i have no idea why
7. i would eat pizza everyday. its such a great food. and u can make a variety out of it
8. music is one of the biggest things in my life. i would die without it. maybe
9. i enjoy the simple things. laying down staring at the sky, sleeping, swings
10. scary movies lately suck. i cant even remember what the last decent one was. i debate if i even want to waste my movie on seeing them anymore
11. laughter is the spice of life. i would be miserable without it. i love to laugh. i love comedians. i love funny movies
12. 1 word, unicycle. i love riding it, its just fun
13. i download music. i also buy the cds. do i feel guilty about downloading, nope. because i buy the music too
14. scalpers have to be some of the richest bastards. they upcharge u so much cash for some tickets its insane. u cant tell me they dont bring in bank
15. suspenders. i own them, i wear them. i think they are awesome. people tend to look at me oddly when i do
16. something people dont know. i do volunteer. not right now because oof my foot, but i usually do at the food pantry
17. i drink way too much fluids. i go through cup after cup after cup of beverages.
18. its time for me to force myself to sleep

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...and the pickles [Thursday
August 11th, at 8:39pm]
[ mood | weird ]

went to bed at a decent hour last night for once. woke up early this morning and made breakfast for myself, mom and dad. they were quite suprised. so they went off to work and i laid on the couch and watched tv. the doorbell rang and kate and sarah were at the door. they forced me to put on better clothes and be dragged around with them. which actually ended up being a good thing because i bought some more shirts and one of those cool clicky sharpies and sunglasses. i still have more things i need to buy for school, im just slacking like crazy. at least i have the time to do so

sarah thinks i should shave my head. god i havent done that since i was a kid. im not very fond of that idea. i hated the idea of the current haircut. so i dont forsee the shaving going down anytime soon

i cant find the cross my mom gave me. which really sucks. im sure its somewhere in my room. and it will turn up. she would be really sad if i lost it. so im hoping it turns up soon

sometimes i wish the clouds would open up

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the wonderful world of disney [Wednesday
August 10th, at 2:43pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

or not...

pictures were very interesting. the picture guy had me stand next to this shed looking thing. i happened to make a comment about killing someone and stashing the body in it. and the conversation somehow went onto talking about serial killers. seriously left weirded out. dont anyone ever look in there, he probally has the bits and pieces of his dead ones in there. leave it to me to start a disturbing conversation like that though. OTHER then that pictures went ok i guess. changing into my jeans was royally a pain in the ass. so i only wore one pair. wasnt going through that again.

went to friendly's for lunch and met up with mike, jeri, and steve. steve managed to get bbq sauce all over his shirt. u do not smear it if u drop a little. then i managed to knock my glass of water over and it goes all over. real swift.

and now i leave u with my creepy quote of the day "big deal, death comes with the territory. see u in disneyland" - richard ramirez

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oh boy [Tuesday
August 9th, at 4:23pm]
[ mood | thirsty ]

tomorrow is the wonderful day of my senior pictures. so i get to get up all bright and early and look spiffy. hopefully they come out well. i dont want some stupid looking picture of myself in the yearbook.

my mom has something up her sleeve. i think she is planning my party. if i come downstairs she gets kind of jumpy and hides something behind a pillow. i think im going to put the unicycle buying on hold. i cant exactly use it right now anyway. maybe ill save my money and buy a real vacation when i graduate. do something cool. i have no idea what, but its a start.

so i got tricked into signing up for big brothers/big sisters. and what that is, is we go in and meet the freshmen and we each get a certain amount of them and then we walk them around the school and answer their questions and stuff. i also have to talk to all of them about wrestling. lucky me. at least we get free food.

the jacks mannequin album comes out the 23rd. i cant wait. saw the video for the mix tape on mtv.com. makes me that much more excited. and also on a positive note, something corporate has been in the studio recording a song. this news makes me happy.

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fuck electronics [Friday
August 5th, at 2:52am]
[ mood | frustrated ]

my computer decided it wanted to over heat. i just spent my time taking it apart and cleaning it up. it now works again. if it shuts down im throwing it out of the window next. i think my fan was too clogged with dust though. i cleaned that all out and its going fine. so now no overheating i hope.
so sorry katrina. i didnt just sign off on u. i wouldnt do that. hope u arent upset. id have to be stupid to upset u again. its not like last night wasnt bad enough. im still sorry about that
i got my mom lillies or however u spell them. kate thought it was a good decision. hopefully my mom likes them.
i made brownies while fixing my computer. man they are good. i havent had brownies in a while, and these are cooked just right. nice and sort of on the good side but not too gooey. and ive now had 3 of them. im thinking i should probally stop but they are really good

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time for an update [Wednesday
August 3rd, at 6:59pm]
[ mood | lazy ]

so i was wrong in my previous actual post. the beon is broken, but only in the one spot. i ripped the tendon or whatever it is that attaches to it. he told me if it was the other there would be no way i would be wrestling because i would have pins in my foot. so thank god for that. ive been sleeping so damn much. but its a nice change. my mom took yesterday and today off of work to stay here with me. how nice of her. i sort of feel bad though cause she is missing work.

i woke up a little while ago and was brought waffles and watched bad santa. which was quite amusing. and now for some reason i feel like watching xmen. so i think ill do that after i update here.

for once it wasnt hot in my room at night. i laid down and was out cold. it was nice and cool, i even put a blanket on. however my ceiling fan is loose and rocks as it spins. im afraid its going to come crashing down. i called kate, but no answer. she is probally working. i wanted to talk to her about bringing me to the flower people tomorrow. i want to send my mom flowers to thank her for staying with me, i think she would like that. so if kate doesnt get back to me ill call around tomorrow and make someone do it.

but now i shall go lay back down

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