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the wonderful world of disney

or not...

pictures were very interesting. the picture guy had me stand next to this shed looking thing. i happened to make a comment about killing someone and stashing the body in it. and the conversation somehow went onto talking about serial killers. seriously left weirded out. dont anyone ever look in there, he probally has the bits and pieces of his dead ones in there. leave it to me to start a disturbing conversation like that though. OTHER then that pictures went ok i guess. changing into my jeans was royally a pain in the ass. so i only wore one pair. wasnt going through that again.

went to friendly's for lunch and met up with mike, jeri, and steve. steve managed to get bbq sauce all over his shirt. u do not smear it if u drop a little. then i managed to knock my glass of water over and it goes all over. real swift.

and now i leave u with my creepy quote of the day "big deal, death comes with the territory. see u in disneyland" - richard ramirez
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