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...and the pickles

went to bed at a decent hour last night for once. woke up early this morning and made breakfast for myself, mom and dad. they were quite suprised. so they went off to work and i laid on the couch and watched tv. the doorbell rang and kate and sarah were at the door. they forced me to put on better clothes and be dragged around with them. which actually ended up being a good thing because i bought some more shirts and one of those cool clicky sharpies and sunglasses. i still have more things i need to buy for school, im just slacking like crazy. at least i have the time to do so

sarah thinks i should shave my head. god i havent done that since i was a kid. im not very fond of that idea. i hated the idea of the current haircut. so i dont forsee the shaving going down anytime soon

i cant find the cross my mom gave me. which really sucks. im sure its somewhere in my room. and it will turn up. she would be really sad if i lost it. so im hoping it turns up soon

sometimes i wish the clouds would open up
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