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what the hell is going on here?

its 6 am and i am awake. i have no idea why. no, im not tired. yes, i do wish i was. so now because i am awake u all get a wonderful pointless update. i think im goin to make a list. and i dont even know of what. just things. so now we begin!

1. i <3 belts. i have a ton of them
2. i watch too much tv. damn it for being so addictive and having good shows
3. i want to read more, but dont because i get bored
4. im too skinny. and its all wrestlings fault. if i weighed more i would get owned. all these guys dropping weight to wrestle us lighter guys.
5. i wish i could wrestle in college. i just dont think im good enough
6. i love re-runs of old shows. i have no idea why
7. i would eat pizza everyday. its such a great food. and u can make a variety out of it
8. music is one of the biggest things in my life. i would die without it. maybe
9. i enjoy the simple things. laying down staring at the sky, sleeping, swings
10. scary movies lately suck. i cant even remember what the last decent one was. i debate if i even want to waste my movie on seeing them anymore
11. laughter is the spice of life. i would be miserable without it. i love to laugh. i love comedians. i love funny movies
12. 1 word, unicycle. i love riding it, its just fun
13. i download music. i also buy the cds. do i feel guilty about downloading, nope. because i buy the music too
14. scalpers have to be some of the richest bastards. they upcharge u so much cash for some tickets its insane. u cant tell me they dont bring in bank
15. suspenders. i own them, i wear them. i think they are awesome. people tend to look at me oddly when i do
16. something people dont know. i do volunteer. not right now because oof my foot, but i usually do at the food pantry
17. i drink way too much fluids. i go through cup after cup after cup of beverages.
18. its time for me to force myself to sleep
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