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doogie what?

ok time for a real entry. it will never be as long as some people, because i am a loser and run out of things to say
im sad. my friends have started to slowly go away. kate leaves tomorrow at 2. i have no idea how i feel about this. other then it sucks majorly. i dontk now what im going to do without her. its like im losing my best friend. we have been friends since way back when. its going to be weird not having her just come over and hang out. why do people have to go so damn far away for college? im glad that i at least got to spend alot of time with her today and we are hanging out til she leaves tomorrow. stupid college
i hate when my friends start dating. talk about akward situations. if a group of us go out its just not the same if some of them are dating. it would be like me and kate dating. which people assume i do on a daily basis anyway. im sorry if we are just really good friends and that cool. i dont see myself ever dating kate. we are great friends. shes going to college. she will find way cuter guys then me. and shes never showed any sort of intrest ever in me. and im ok with that, because i would rather not mess up this amazing friendship we do have

i still have yet to get a birthday present from my mom and dad. and honestly it makes me sad. i have never not gotten a present from them. and i have no idea why i havent gotten one yet. it makes no sense to me. unless its hiding somewhere and i just havent found it. but that doesnt make sense. they never hide my presents. major sadness. no presents :(
the month of august is going by way too fast. i cant believe its almost time for school again. i am a bit worried about it. i have no idea what classes i have. i have no idea who is in any of my classes. i will be pissed if i have to go from one side of the school to the other every period like i did my freshmen year and first semester last year. i am excited for wrestling and to see if i get captain. and to see the freshmen and see their stuff. i just have to bust my ass once i start rehab with my foot to make sure im good to go. which i will be, because im not missing out on this. its my senior year.
i think i bought every thing i need for school. but i sure ill think of something last minute. no wait, i have yet to buy my 70s clothes. i still must do that and make someone come with me. but other then that i think im good.
i still have ice cream cake leftover. man i have been eating that stuff by the pieces. im suprised not more people touched it at the party. my friends tend to be pigs, but maybe they just stuffed themselves on th other food first. im not complaining, more for me
i think my cat is sick :( she has been acting really weird all day. and been really cuddly which is unlike her. so i think i may need to take her to the vet. i just hope shes ok. i dont want anything to be wrong with her, shes such an awesome cat.
i watched the teen choice awards. i despise awards shows. the best part about them is the musical performances. i watch every awards show though. so i know what the hell people are talking about. would rather know and be able to participate then have to make a new cooler topic and people stare at me because they dont want to talk about my awesome topic like transformers. which reminds me. i miss gwen from her no doubt days, she looked way better. i was rather unimpressed by simple plans preformance. and i changed the channel on the others. however after the show i turned to later in the nigh and saw simple plan on that concert series they are doing. and i was far more happy with that performance.
i get to go in for a check-up with the doctor tomorrow morning. i should be in bed, but of course i am not. i was, but the stupid stomach ache woke me.
my dad decided to have another wonderful talk with me about the military. for once it wasnt "u must do it because i say so" so i was really happy. it was nice to just sit down and talk to him about how things were for him. get the information i wanted. i am honestly thinking about it. i told him i would at least do that and talk with some recruiters. i think hes happy that im willing to go that far for him.
im really critical of my dad sometimes. its just hard for me. i know he is an important guy and without him people would die. and everytime i get mad i always end up remembering one thing. and then i feel like the biggest asshole alive. my dad is a great man. the is my hero, even though i never have told anyone. i wish i was half the man he is
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