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bored to the max

so i worked this morning. its nice to be dong that again. though it does suck to be stuck on register. i miss wandering around and doing nothing. soon enough i will be doing that again. after work i came home and showered and made some calls. found someone to go out with me. she came and got me and we went off to find my clothes. suprisingly i got quite a bit of stuff. and i was overly excited about it. so the first day of school is going to be awesome.

i am bored out of my mind. at least some people in the world are having fun.

i looked foward to talking to someone all day. the time came and i sort of just felt brushed aside. and that isnt said to be a guilt trip or any of that crap. they have a friend over i know that. and i dont want them to be rude. but it sort of sucks at the same time. oh well i will get over it. i must. im so lame. i swear.

i have no idea. life can be confusing.

im just the confusing one
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