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uh yeah

lets ignore that post from last night. im a moron sometimes and just write crap because i can. and lets face it it is my journal so of course im going to vent. i woke up early today and mad some waffles. they were damn good. nice and fluffy, just perfect. as of now i have no plans to do anything. maybe ill go back to bed and sleep. or who knows there may actually be something interesting on tv. i somehow doubt that. or a swim. im sure ill think of something

its freezing in here. which is a nice change of pace considering how all i have been doing lately was griping about hot damn hot it is in here all the time

i still have to ask around and see if anyone wants to go to cedar point halloween weekend. im sure people will be down for it, just because its something to do other then some lame ass party where everyone just gets drunk and pukes anyway.

my foot has been feeling really good. no pain at all. so im glad about that. i need to never do anything like that again. it was not fun. well it was til i hit the tree. no more doing that near any trees or rocks or anything i can get hurt on.

kate called this morning to let me know everything is cool down there and how rad her roomate is and al that other garbage. im glad she likes it, and is having a good time

i think im going to lay under the covers and get warm. maybe get a few more hours of shut eye. the 3 i got was not enough. night night
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