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school sucks

today was the first day. i have latin? why i have no idea. i have no intrest in learning latin. if i did, i would have taken it already. but other then that my schedule is good. my one hard class is anatomy. that will be fun our books are massive. homework on the first day. it sucks majorly. at least it isnt a ton of it. my clothing was quite the talk. i was pretty groovy if i do say so myself. just wait til they see the rest of the week :)

im sure everyone is tired of reading about it and talking about it, but i havent said much and for many reasons. so IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO READ ABOUT WHAT I HAVE TO SAY ABOUT THE HURRICANE JUST STOP READING NOW.
my dad packed the truck of water and food and left a few days ago to do what he could. the man is my hero. he has been since i was a kid. i sort of lost sight of that til 9-11. he was so thoughtless of himself and just wanted to do anything he could to help other people. and it was again the same thing here. so i did alot of thinking on friday and ended up giving $500 to the red cross, i know its not the biggest contribution. but its all i had. those people need the money more then i do. and im sad that i cannot do more to help. i cant imagine being one of those people. i dont know what i would be feeling or thinking. anyway, that is enough of that.

ive started eating more healthy. enough of all the crap ive been eating. i put on way too much weight this summer and if my coach ever finds out he may just shoot me. speaking of which i must figure out what i want for dinner
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