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it has been far too long

i now have a slight dislike for airplanes.
i only vomited, and then got the staredown for it. come on people, like u never threw up in your life. glad me and my dad drove back. i wasnt going to re-live that experience
i start therapy on monday now. i cant wait to get to be running again. i have felt like a big giant blob. i have cut out alot of things. eating more healthy. eating pizza wont help me lose all the weight i gained over the summer.
i have a slight obsession with bubble wrap. if i see it i must pop it. i cant help it, it just screams to be popped
i have way too much work to catch up on. i probally shouldnt even be typing this, but instead doing my work. oh well, i needed a break. not that i wont get one soon for dinner. oh well
i got a new ps2. thank goodness. life without video games was not fun. i got madden and nascar too, well nascar is being shipped out, but i will have it soon

i am wearing suspenders again, for the 2nd day in a row. they are quite comfortable

offf to do some homework
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You IM'd me, and I was gone!
=[ gosshhh i misss you!!! ♥
you're the grrreatest. :)
HEY! and i need to talk to you.
about the hallo-weekends thing ^_^
are you still coming mr.patrick!?!
I am going to scared out of my mind.
lol, I hate the little haunted thingers.
so you better be there!!! otherwise i will cry :(
hey mr. patrick stranger :P lol welcome back from wherever you've been.
i love bubble wrap.