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oh happy day

school was quite amusing today.
i was late, alarm clock didnt go off
so i rolled out of bed and threw random clothes on
made it just in time for 1st period, but i also had a pair of boxers in my jeans
quite uncomfortable. and i didnt know about it until 3rd when heidi pointed it out to me, embarrassing to say the least
turned in all of the homework that i owed
quiz in global. which was so not talked about, like a moron i point that out. mrs. g chimes in "thats why its called a pop quiz" lame to the max. but luckily i have been keeping up with the news so it was easy anyway
in gym they all played volleyball. i get to go a pamphlet on it and keep score
sara got nailed in the face. it was funny as hell
she plays volleyball, so it was ok to laugh
i forgot my lunch. had some chicken patty for lunch. it was actually pretty good
after school we were standing in the lot and dave backs into my car like a moron
no damage. but pretty funny. i stole someones phone and pretended to call the cops, he was freaking out. i thought he was gonna kill me

/end story
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