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fuck electronics

my computer decided it wanted to over heat. i just spent my time taking it apart and cleaning it up. it now works again. if it shuts down im throwing it out of the window next. i think my fan was too clogged with dust though. i cleaned that all out and its going fine. so now no overheating i hope.
so sorry katrina. i didnt just sign off on u. i wouldnt do that. hope u arent upset. id have to be stupid to upset u again. its not like last night wasnt bad enough. im still sorry about that
i got my mom lillies or however u spell them. kate thought it was a good decision. hopefully my mom likes them.
i made brownies while fixing my computer. man they are good. i havent had brownies in a while, and these are cooked just right. nice and sort of on the good side but not too gooey. and ive now had 3 of them. im thinking i should probally stop but they are really good
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