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oh boy

tomorrow is the wonderful day of my senior pictures. so i get to get up all bright and early and look spiffy. hopefully they come out well. i dont want some stupid looking picture of myself in the yearbook.

my mom has something up her sleeve. i think she is planning my party. if i come downstairs she gets kind of jumpy and hides something behind a pillow. i think im going to put the unicycle buying on hold. i cant exactly use it right now anyway. maybe ill save my money and buy a real vacation when i graduate. do something cool. i have no idea what, but its a start.

so i got tricked into signing up for big brothers/big sisters. and what that is, is we go in and meet the freshmen and we each get a certain amount of them and then we walk them around the school and answer their questions and stuff. i also have to talk to all of them about wrestling. lucky me. at least we get free food.

the jacks mannequin album comes out the 23rd. i cant wait. saw the video for the mix tape on mtv.com. makes me that much more excited. and also on a positive note, something corporate has been in the studio recording a song. this news makes me happy.
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