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its that time of year

sorry for the lack of updates, its been a busy weekend. i hung out with a bunch of friends on saturday and we had a cookout and watched movies. they picked me up like they were going to throw me in but put me down on the deck before doing so. it was a fun night. i dont remember the last time we all hung out like that. so it was nice to have the gang together again. it makes me both glad and sad that school is starting. a bunch of people leave this week to head off to their places. and then the rest of us start sept.
sunday, went to breakfast with mom and dad then came back to the house to find a party. damnit, i totally forgot about it. so i was actually suprised. which was a nice change. no present from mom and dad. its coming today. so now i really wonder what the hell it is. i got movie passes, some clothes, dvs, a mixed cd from kate, pudding, paper towels, ice cream cake, gift certificates, and the biggest card ive ever seen. all in all it was a really great day.
today. i worked out this morning. then took a shower and went to wendys with nick and dave. and then headed back here. they started calling up people who have slowly made their way here. we are going to hit a movie and then get some ice cream after.

P.S. its my birthday
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