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started working. im glad, the sitting around on my ass was way no good for me. everyone at work missed me. i got to sit on a stool, it was rad

woke up to a new vehicle in the driveway? needless to say i was excited. its not the greatest thing in the world but it is still nice nonetheless. its a blue 2000 corolla. so yeah not that bad. it needs some work. the passanger seat is a bit torn up and the same with the headliner. but oh well. i cant drive it til my foot is better. so no sense in getting all excited about it yet

tomorrow, more work in the morning til 1. then its home for nothing. because i have no plans like usual. maybe ill call someone and see if they want to hang out. i hate being bored and sitting at home.

i bought gummy worms today. people asked for some. i said if u lick my shoe. and they madea face. so i was like then no now shoo

and i got into a fight with katrina. nothing new there. ps, we broke up too. im also done with fighting with her. she wishes to never talk ot me again, i can live with that. its better then all the bickering i get with her. and now i wont be made to feel like shit.
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