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time for an update

so i was wrong in my previous actual post. the beon is broken, but only in the one spot. i ripped the tendon or whatever it is that attaches to it. he told me if it was the other there would be no way i would be wrestling because i would have pins in my foot. so thank god for that. ive been sleeping so damn much. but its a nice change. my mom took yesterday and today off of work to stay here with me. how nice of her. i sort of feel bad though cause she is missing work.

i woke up a little while ago and was brought waffles and watched bad santa. which was quite amusing. and now for some reason i feel like watching xmen. so i think ill do that after i update here.

for once it wasnt hot in my room at night. i laid down and was out cold. it was nice and cool, i even put a blanket on. however my ceiling fan is loose and rocks as it spins. im afraid its going to come crashing down. i called kate, but no answer. she is probally working. i wanted to talk to her about bringing me to the flower people tomorrow. i want to send my mom flowers to thank her for staying with me, i think she would like that. so if kate doesnt get back to me ill call around tomorrow and make someone do it.

but now i shall go lay back down
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Aww, you're so sweet to your mommy. I miss you.
ouch, feel better