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i'm 17, i like video games, guitar, photography, dancing, random trips to nowhere, scrapbooking, wrestling, mac & cheese, pizza, jacks mannequin, my ipod, playstation 2, xbox, football, hockey, swings, trampolines, movies

3 doors down, 30 seconds to mars, 70s clothes, acceptance, adema, afi, alf, alkaline trio, anberlin, atreyu, barenaked ladies, beck, belts, big wheels, billy talent, bobby's world, boy meets world, brand new, breaking benjamin, bush, chevelle, cold, coldplay, crossfade, dance cook, dashboard confessional, dave matthews band, default, dexter freebish, die trying, dispatch, donnie darko, earshot, fall out boy, fight club, finch, fraggle rock, from autumn to ashes, from first to last, funeral for a friend, go karts, godsmack, goldfinger, greenwheel, guitar, halifax, hawthorne heights, head automatica, hellogoodbye, hidden in plain view, hoobastank, hot hot heat, howie day, ill nino, incubus, injected, institute, interpol, ipod, jack johnson, jacks mannequin, jeff buckley, jesse mccartney, jimmy eat world, john mayer, lightning, linkin park, live, lostprophets, louis xiv, lying in the grass, mac&cheese, maroon 5, matchbook romance, matchbox 20, midtown, mp3's, mudvayne, muse, museums, music, my chemical romance, new found glory, no warning, nonpoint, oasis, paintball, papa roach, prodigy, ps2, psp, rain, ramen noodles, ryan cabrera, s'mores, saves the day, senses fail, sevendust, sharpies, shinedown, singing in the shower, slides, slipknot, smile empty soul, snorks, snow patrol, something corporate, storms, story of the year, straylight run, sugarcult, swimming, taking back sunday, tantric, the ataris, the bravery, the early november, the format, the mars volta, the postal service, the starting line, the strokes, the used, the walkmen, thrice, thunder, thursday, trapt, trustcompany, unicycles, video games, winamp, wrestling, yellowcard